Coinsto Staking Bot is Released(Live)

Coinsto Staking Bot is the Staking Platform built in Telegram , Staking CSO in CSO Stake Bot is Easy and Profitable.


       Staking is usually programmed to be running in website and Dapps…. Yes , but Coinsto Staking program is entirely different from those. 

Coinsto Staking

We are feeling Awesome to introduce Staking Program in Telegram Bot Platform which makes it easy to use , Live Rewards + Complete transperency of bot is the main advantages of the staking bot .

Advantages of Staking 

1. Generation of Profits without any work 

2. Transperency + No Losing of Funds 

3. Minimising the Handling of Funds 

4. No External Access to Others 

Advantages of Coinsto Staking 

1. Total Staked = Total Burned 

2. Platform Controlled by Coinsto Team = Safe And Secure 

3. No errors

4. Easy To use 

5. No Deposit and Withdraw fees 

BETA Stage 

          The Staking Platform is running on Trail Version , The Developer team will be working on the Main Version of the CSO Staking bot simultaneously in the background [ Without any interference in the Trail Version ] 

Important to Note 

         Since the Bot is on Trail Run, all Deposit and withdraw will be Processed by admins manually to prevent any unexpected errors and loss.

➕ Minimum Deposit to Bot will be 200k CSO 

➖ Minimum Withdraw from Bot will be 100k CSO

Happy Staking

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