Nimfex ( NFX ) partners with Coinsto ( CSO )

Nimfex is the next-Gen digital payment system. Nimfex Token is digital cash that uses peer to peer technology to settle all it’s transactions on the etherium blockchain network. Self Governance and Decentralized.

Coinsto Token (CSO) is a Cryptocurrency project helping people to learn by others experience. Coinsto is focus on giving value to the people by the people, the platform will only act as a slate to help individuals and organizations learn from anyone whom volunteer to share his or her experience in any field they operate in.


With this partnership more heights will be attained in the Blockchain industry. There will be a relief that Nimfex and Coinsto token will have a successful co-ordination for all activities and projects jointly will collaborate from now on.

There is a high expectations with the new partnership, in the Blockchain industry, the aim to make a difference for the users.

An Holders Drop

There will be 25 CSO for top 100 NFX Holders and also 25 NFX for top 100 CSO Holders.


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