Coinsto Trading Competition (CSO) Start from 1st July

New 1,1 million Coinsto Trading Competition will start from 1st to 14th July on the Bitxmi crypto exchange.

We have seen all the disadvantages of a lack of quality education in the industry. Coinsto platform is created to enable decentralized learning, to let people teach people from their own experiences. We believe there are Crypto enthusiasts all over the world who understand the Crypto industry and are willing to share their Crypto success stories, the does and the don’t in Crypto that helps them understand how the new economy works. Coinsto will only act as a slate to these people to share their experiences to shape the world.

Coinsto project is a simple idea but very power and it will be effective in human lives. Blockchain technology is here to stay; our goal is to prepare both adult and young people giving them the right information and quality education through our programs to better their lives and the society at large.

Coinsto Utility Token

Coinsto utility token will be used as a reward point for the volunteers who will share their experience to help others. Experience can be shared in two formats:

  1. Video content: video talk about your experience you want to share on the Coinsto platform upload into a Google drive, copy the link, and fill a form that will be provided on the website with little information about the user and payment wallet to receive $CSO.
  2. Text Content: Volunteers can share their experience in detail in text format, making sure it’s well explanatory for newbies and those who intend to use crypto but are locked out because of fear. Send it as a word document to coinsto official email with the user’s details and wallet to receive $CSO.

How to Participate in the 1,1 Million Coinsto Trading Competition?

Follow step by step instruction here:

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